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Cassava Fufu
Oat Fufu
Oat Biscuits
Oat Coconut Biscuits
Oat Mini Chinchin/Crunchy


  • "I have used Oatfufu for over 2 years now and lately discovered their sweet range recipes using Oatfufu as an alternative to using white flour to make my Jamaican cookies." Shareen

Cross-cultural food

Dodo/Ripe Plaintain fries or chips with baked beans and egg
Your kids will love this alternative to potato. Ripe plantain chips.
Plantain friters
I small very ripe plantain 3 tablespoon Oatfufu 1/4 teaspoon backing powder 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg Pinch of salt Mix together and deep fry.
Corn Jelly
vanilla and strawberry flavour
Oat Coconut Biscuit
Made from Oatfufu flour , coconut , butter and brown sugar, water.
Oat Mini Chinchin/Crunchy
Oatfufu flour, eggs , brown sugar and water. Fried or baked