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  • "I have used Oatfufu for over 2 years now and lately discovered their sweet range recipes using Oatfufu as an alternative to using white flour to make my Jamaican cookies." Shareen

About Us

Ldivine Foods limited is a company that operates on Christian principles. Our objective is to provide healthy Food with a cultural twist. We strongly believe that food should have no cultural boundaries, for example food should not be associated only with Western or African culture. Our aim is to create recipes from one food product that can be prepared across cultures. Our first product oatfufu is made from whole grain oats and can be eaten as porridge for breakfast in the English culture and oatfufu in the African culture.

My Inspiration

I occasionally hear people label whole grain oats as English or Western food. I believe God provided food for us to prepare in various ways, and wondered how oats which is a healthy product can be eaten in an African way, so we came up with an African recipe called Oatfufu made from milled whole grain oats with oatbran and oatgerm . This dish can be eaten with African sauces like okro soup, egusi or ogbono soup.

Other Cross-Cultural Food

Other cross cultural dishes are cassava cereal, cassava grit, bean pate, bean cake, corn jelly, cassava dough, pastry nuts, mashed yam in tomato sauce etc. these are all our variety of cross cultural food we provide.

In addition to creating recipes from same food product across cultures we also provide retailers with authentic African food such as:
Moi-moi/Steamed bean cake
Cassava Fufu (vacuum packaged)
Eko/Corn jelly (fermented like yogurt)

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