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  • "I have used Oatfufu for over 2 years now and lately discovered their sweet range recipes using Oatfufu as an alternative to using white flour to make my Jamaican cookies." Shareen

Boosts energy

Aids digestion Lowers cholesterol
Manages blood pressure Suitable for diabetes
Promotes a healthy heart

What is Oatfufu?

Oatfufu is made from pure natural whole grain oat.

Why should I eat oatfufu?

Oatfufu has far more nutrients and health benefits than any other food typically used to make fufu. For one, oatfufu is much higher in fiber than yams, cassava, corn, plantain, or even wheat. And this fiber is the key to much of oatfuful's health benefits which include several cardio-protective effects.

One and a half cups of oatfufu contain 5 grams of fiber. Research shows that the fiber in oatfufu helps reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure and helps decrease LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), thereby decreasing the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis and heart disease. Along with fiber, oatfufu is high in magnesium, which help regulate blood sugars(glucose) in the body. In general, added fiber in the diet can help prevent the development of Diabetes and also help aid in glucose control for those with Diabetes.

What can we do with Oatfufu?

Oatfufu can be taken as a drink hot or cold to boost your energy for the day. We also use oatfufu flour that is healthier than white or brown flour, to make coconut biscuits, pastry, cakes, meat pies, chin-chin, bread etc.

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